Trifonic Remixes

Rauh, A. (2015). “Trifonic – Good Enough (212 Rauh Instrumental)” [Remix]. Trifonic (2007) Emergence [Digital] Los Angeles: self-release.

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Rauh, A. (2015). “Trifonic – Good Enough (212 Rauh Vocal)” [Remix]. Trifonic (2007) Emergence [Digital]. Los Angeles: self-release.

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The two pieces above were produced as part of my research about online platforms for independent and grassroots music production. The production processes of the tracks were part of a broader investigation about working and production conditions for grassroots musicians and aspiring professional producers who participate in online remixing contests. These contexts offer participants the opportunity to practice their musical skills using professional-grade audio content, but, when structured as a commercial enterprise, remixing contests are marred by potential exploitative practices and unethical procedures (such as unfair rewards and appropriation of intellectual property). The two tracks presented here were made as part of a contest held at, an ethically sound platform for online remixing which embraces a collaborative co-creation ethos (via Creative Commons licenses and Open Access ethos) and fosters community support in an online environment that blends User-generated Content and social media elements. These tracks are hosted in the website in accordance to the licenses and user agreement for non-commercial use. DAW: Ableton Live 9.2.

Responsibilities: arrangement; sound design; composition; recording; mixing; editing