Sincronia Sonora: Soundscapes with the Ymboré indigenous community (Cachimbo, Bahia, Brazil)

This is the binaural audio recording element of an audiovisual exhibition created during the project Sincronia Sonora. Myself and Tom Jackson were hosted by the Ymboré indigenous community, and during a week-long residency we created soundscapes and field recordings in collaboration with members of the community.

During 32 minutes you will hear extracts from seven soundscapes, capturing everyday experiences and environments. This early draft was produced and exhibited just a few days after the recordings were wrapped up (late August 2019) and it is finally made public a year after its premiere in the Teatro Municipal of Ilhéus, Bahia. Here is the sequence of soundscapes/recordings:

  1. Amanhecer na aldeia / Dawn in the village (00:00 - 02:18)

  2. Beira do rio na floresta / Riverside by the forest (02:19 - 08:00)

  3. Frenesi / Feeding frenzy (08:01 - 09:10)

  4. Café com leite / Coffee and milk (09:02 - 10:25)

  5. Tirando leite / Milking the cows (10:26 - 14:22)

  6. Batendo barro / Mud slapping (14:23 - 21:30)

  7. Toré na floresta / Toré in the forest (21:31 - 32:47)

Key words: soundscape; field recording; indigenous electronic art; binaural recordings; Ymboré; Thydêwá

Rauh, A., Jackson, T., Ymboré (2019) Soundscapes of the Ymboré. Binaural recording. Ilhéus, BA, Brazil.

Edit: typos and phrasing.